Adult wife chat

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She paused, looked up at me, and slowly said yes in a primal groan that was barely audible.

My wife and I both had a hard week at work and were looking forward to the weekend where we were going away to enjoy a nice dinner and meet some friends.

We decided to leave early Friday afternoon and I watched her getting dressed and ready for our time away.

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I was in bliss, my cock was buried in her mouth and then with my left hand controlling the SUV I slid my right hand down to her skirt.

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  1. Chris Messina If you're playing your character and you're running into all these people who know who you are and treat you in a way that doesn't pertain at all to the character, it takes you out of it more, so when you're alone in a city where people don't know you, you can kind of pretend even more and get into the head space of where you need to be.