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Adult sex dating in manley nebraska

We don’t choose who we are attracted to.”BACK TO TOP SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADESAbortion is not covered.10TH GRADEAbortion is presented as an option for an unplanned pregnancy.A woman considering it should seek counseling and accurate information, a textbook says.“Abortion is a highly controversial issue,” the textbook says.“Whatever a person’s sexual orientation, it is a natural part of his or her own sexuality.”Students are told lesbian, gay and bisexual people have not achieved the same rights as heterosexual Americans — noting discrimination in the workplace, housing and medical settings — and it says people cannot change their orientation.“Feelings of attraction are discovered, not chosen,” it says.“It isn’t something we can turn on and off like a light switch.Students are taught tips for refusing:» Don’t be wishy-washy — say NO.» Repeat it, again and again.» Show you mean it — serious expression.BACK TO TOP SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADESSeventh and eighth grades: Middle schoolers get lessons on how to dip their toes into the dating pool, handle rejection and recognize that puppy love isn’t the same as true love.The World-Herald took a deep dive through hundreds of pages of curriculum for middle and high schoolers. The material has been summarized, but actual wording from texts, videos, Power Points and handouts is included whenever possible.This is not the entire curriculum, but a sampling of the topics likely to interest readers.

Students are reminded that all people are unique and deserve respect.“A person should not be judged or treated badly because of his or her feelings for others,” a Power Point slide says.

For the first time in three decades, the Omaha Public Schools have a new health and sex education curriculum designed to help students navigate the waters of puberty, dating and sex.

The new curriculum tackles a number of previously forbidden topics, such as abortion, emergency contraception, sexual orientation and gender identity.

10TH GRADEStudents are taught it is natural and healthy to feel attraction and want to know someone better, which may lead to dating as a couple or with other couples.

By dating someone, the lessons say, you can learn about his or her interests, personality, abilities and values.“When teens do date, some stick to traditional practices,” one text says.

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