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The nightlife is legendary – from bars and clubs to strip joints and cabarets – so whether or not you manage to hook up here, a good time is guaranteed.With a reputation for bikinis, beaches, and beautiful bodies, a visit to Miami, Florida is sure to put you in the mood for love, or at least a fling.But it's not just sun and sand – Miami is also a diverse, cosmopolitan city with plenty of options for a singles vacation.Try salsa lessons to pick up some dance moves (as well as a date), check out the thriving gay scene, visit a bookstore with music and readings if you're literary-minded, and hit the dance clubs to rub shoulders with celebrities.Burly outdoorsmen who can build a cozy fire (without Duraflame) and take on a grizzly abound, particularly in "bush Alaska" where miners, trappers, and fishermen live.City gals who love fur hats and lipstick equally, however, can descend on the capital at Juneau, for a singles vacation with a bit of cosmopolitan flair.Gentlemen take note, the world's culture capital is brimming with single ladies – had such a hard time finding guys!

While cruising has long been regarded as a couples sport, the tides are now turning, with many singles looking to meet their mate on the high seas.Not only are political powerhouses also on the scene, but ample restaurants, galleries, and watering holes are on hand to make the setting for a great first date.With a motto like "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," it's no surprise that Sin City is rife with opportunities to misbehave.Compliments and stares aside, Italian men, if given the chance, will woo their ladylove over Chianti and carbonara under starry skies on the Piazza Navona.And whether or not you find eternal love in the Eternal City, you're bound to get a taste of Renting hotel rooms by the hour is certainly no foreign concept, but when you do it in Tokyo, it's definitely (slightly) less sleazy.

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What's more, Norwegian’s new , setting sail in July 2010, will feature the industry’s first studios designed and priced for solo travelers.