Adding or consolidating call centers Live chat sexy moms

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Adding or consolidating call centers

And the reason is that the agenda is not as much today about technology as it is about information.

Whether your customers are businesses, or consumers, or citizens, or all of the above, what more and more of them are telling you - just as ours are telling us - they're telling you what kind of information or service they want; they're telling you what kind of services they need or demand; and they're also telling you how and when they want those services or that information to be delivered to them.

The 80s and the 90s were the eras in which value was created with vertical organizations, and technology was implemented vertically - vertically by division, by department, by application, by process.

Content was connected to very specific devices, or infrastructures were connected to very specific applications.

And so today, it's about making a heterogeneous world work together and speak a common language. I am delighted to be with you on the opening day of Oracle Open World, and to be part of the first event that combines the database and application sides of Oracle's business.Two years ago, I had the pleasure of speaking at both Oracle Apps World and Oracle World, and one of my themes at that time was that technology companies like HP and Oracle were no longer driving the technology agenda - that you, our customers, were in fact in charge.It will not happen all at once, but simply stated, we are entering a world now where every process and all content are being transformed from physical and analog, to digital, mobile, virtual and personal.And by personal, I am not just talking about personalization of content and services, although of course I mean that as well, but what I'm really talking about in this context is the ability of individuals, consumers, citizens, business professionals - anyone - to control the services and the information they get as well as when and where and on what device they get them.

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