25 dating deal breakers and how to spot them

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It turns out that laughter isn’t just the best medicine, it’s also the way to someone’s heart. Not being able to crack a joke at all, or even just having an average sense of humour, automatically makes you less desirable than a person who is really funny. But what are those niggles that really turn men off? In a new study, commissioned by CB12 breath spray, 1,567 Brits opened up about their dating deal breakers. 'In comes Ryan - a no-nonsense Aussie bloke who hasn't tried to make a move on her and he's very happy taking it slow but Davina is upset he hasn't displayed the right level of affection.'When it comes to searching for our mate, keeping an open mind, not injecting your values onto others with false expectations and unrealistic deal breakers can be the difference between relationship success and long term single town!Most daters are looking for desirable traits like a good sense of humour, dashing looks and honesty when they’re picking a potential partner. 'Louanne said more than ever, singles are simply checking off their list of deal-breakers and writing off their dates before there's even time to form a connection.'It does pose an interesting argument for all the haters of Married At First Sight - I don't think we can ignore entirely the social experiment does have some merit,' she said.

This isn’t the first study to shed light on which qualities we find unattractive in the opposite sex.

This begs the question of whether it is realistic to expect that at 50 you will be meeting partners without children.'Louanne said that Davina's expectations were also unrealistic.

'Davina complains that men take one look at her and are only interested in getting her into bed so she asked for a tradie who would take his time and look after her and have her back,' Louanne said.

But according to FEMAIL's relationship expert, Louanne Ward, unrealistic deal-breakers can seriously impact success in the dating world.

'Dating and courting is nothing new - we've been doing it in forever. ' Louanne, from Perth, said.'Could it be that we are so spoiled for choice that we just can't choose? Have we forgotten to take the time to get to know the other person?

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