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The mother acted indifferent, and I said to her..both like each other..are both teenagers...will see each other in school on a daily basis.I respected their advice to their son, but as I pointed out to his mom..daughter can not DATE until she's 16 ( going out on an actual date.just stealing smooches in between classes at school).What I find interesting is that because the age difference is a younger girl.the young man is 20, he's considered an adult and should stay away....being the responsible thing to do...however, if that 20 yr old was with a much older woman people would be screaming he's just a baby himself.( SMH)My suggestion---if you like the girl speak to her older sister about it, seeing that's who she lives with, and find out their comfort level with the notion of you two 'dating'.Tell your friend to keep her away from you, and tell your friend what she's doing so that someone knows that there IS another side to the story.Your 16 year old cousin living with a moron has nothing to do with this, and it doesn't justify anything you do, nor will it get you OUT of trouble that you are going to get into if you lay one hand on this kid.If you make yourself NEVER available to this kid, you won't have to "push," and she won't have anything to "push back" against.

Here in the states you would get a lot of **** for that, but if it's legal where you are then the public might not be as judgmental.exactly!

Sure she may have a crush on you but you are the adult she is a child.

It seems though that it is *normal* from where you are.

Guys will say woohoo but as a mother I think it is totally wrong.

I have a 16 year old and if a 20 year old came sniffing around her I would kill him.

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her sister and her boyfriend have a 5 year differennce shes 30 hes 35. If they see you as a "chester", you could get locked up! Or is this a crush she just has on you and you are trying to figure out how to stop it because the age difference is bothering you so much?

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